Wedding Party

Morgan Hester

Maid of Honor

Morgan, my sister! I am so thankful to have been blessed into such a wonderful family. Morgan is the sweetest person ever, I truly don't believe there is a mean bone in her body. When deciding on my maid of honor, I knew Morgan would be the perfect fit. She was there for the engagement, has made me feel a part of the family and has even become one of my best friends. I cannot wait for her to stand by my side on this special day!

Lizzie Owens


Lizzie and I have known each other now for over ten years, but it seems like a lifetime. Lizzie and I played softball together in college and quickly became friends our freshman year. She is kind, funny and up for any adventure we can come up with. I was lucky enough to be a part of her wedding last year and I cannot wait for her to play a role in mine this October!

Heather Laskey


Heather, my sister from another mister! We have had countless trips together around North Carolina and in many other states. I met Heather when she moved down here from Massachusetts for a travel physical therapy opportunity. We then moved in together and lived with each other about 3 years before parting to find the men of our dreams. She has always been a sister I never had, helping me in life and in PT school! I know she will play a big role in our special day!

Lizzy Bowers


Lizzy and I attended PT school together and I am not lying when I say I could've never done it without her. We were PT technicians prior to PT school and have grown closer and closer each day. She is one of the funniest people I know, along with her husband Riley. I am so excited she agreed to be a part of our special day!

Sam Simonetti


Sam and I also attended PT school together where we quickly bonded and created a friendship that will last a lifetime. Although Sam has moved back home in Michigan for a job, we have not lost touch and call each other regularly to catch up and sometimes vent about our days. She is one of my most trusted friends and always keeps me laughing. I cannot wait to reunite in October!

Sarah Forgacs


Sarah and I first met her freshman year, my sophomore year of college. We played softball together and quickly meshed in personalities. I also lived with Sarah for a year, enjoying my time with her and her sweet dog Reese. I am confident my wedding wouldn't be complete without her by my side!

Rick Hester

Best Man

Rick, aka Dad, has been my biggest fan and role model throughout my time on this earth. When I first thought of proposing to Katie I started thinking about who my Best Man would be. Needless to say, it wasn't a hard decision. Dad has been the best father a guy could ever ask for - he's one of the most selfless people you'll ever meet and is a true leader both within our family and the community. Dad and I share a love of baseball, golf, laying on the couch, and our family. I'm proud to call my Dad my Best Man!

Colin Parker


Colin, known affectionately by a variety of nicknames, has been my oldest friend. The day my parents brought me home from the hospital they took me to meet Colin and his parents, who lived right behind us. Quite literally I have known him for my entire life and I'm lucky to call him a best friend. This guy is athletic, funny, witty, full of useless trivia, and a sports fanatic. One of the best people I know, I am elated to have him stand and catch me if I pass out on my Wedding Day.

Bryan Eatmon


Bryan, Bryan, Bryan. Where could I even start with our friendship? I met Bryan in middle school but it wasn't until High School where our friendship really took off. We quickly built a bond that has stood up to many years of shenanigans and everlasting memories. Rooming together with Bryan for 6 years during and after college was an experience I'll never forget - for all the right reasons. Bryan is truly a friend that would give you the shirt off his back and has never turned down help when I needed it most. I'm extremely thankful to have a best friend like Bryan be a part of our big day.

Matt Evans


Matt is another lifelong friend of mine that was an easy decision for a groomsman. We've been buddies ever since our younger days in Eden Woods all the way through our college days at NC State. Now post grad, I look forward to our lunch meetups during the week and grabbing a beer with the big guy whenever possible. Matt is one of the smartest people I know while being one of the funniest at the same time. Always the life of the party, he's been a great friend to me for many, many years and I'm so happy he agreed to be one of my Groomsmen!

Kevin Smith


Kevin, aka "Kev", is quite possibly the best human I know. If you can spend 3 minutes around Kevin and not come out with a smile on your face, there's something wrong with you. Another lifelong friend from our Eden Woods days all through college, Kevin has always been there for me when I've needed a pick-me-up or just a quick text to make me laugh. The man has never found a sport or game he's bad at. A natural athlete, farmer, husband, best friend - Kev is a many that wears many hats. More than anything I'm thankful to call him a best friend and to have him with us on October 13th!

Zach Kelly


Zach - affectionately known as "Z" to me, is not a lifelong friend, but it sure does feel that way. I met Zach in college through a bunch of mutual friends and I felt as if I've known him for 25 years. Zach has a big heart to go with his big personality and a laugh that will make you smile every time. He's been such a fantastic friend to me in the years we've known each other and I'm very thankful for his friendship. I look forward to continuing our friendship and our golfing traditions for many years to come and am excited to have Zach as a part of our special day.
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